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About Us

Learn more about The Succulent Dish and our handmade planters for succulents

Joey and Denise in Morro Bay California where they make handmade succulent planters.
Joey and Denise

Welcome to The Succulent Dish in Morro Bay California. In our shop you will find a wide selection of handmade succulent wooden planters, succulent bamboo planters and succulent marble planters. Our planters are great for the hanging on the wall, table top and free hanging. These planters are ideal for air plants and any of your favorite plants as well!

 Custom cactus handmade planter with flowers and succulents

Everything in our shop is meticulously handmade from repurposed wood for a natural, organic aesthetic.

Handmade woodenn planters for succulents, airplants or any of your favorite plants. Handmade from reclaimed wood.

We love to come up with new designs to share with you! If you have any ideas that you don't see in our shop please let us know. We do a lot of custom work for our customers. Feel free to reach out so we can chat about your ideas.


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 Have a succulent day!